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Bethel Foundation

Bethel Foundation
13003 N. Western
Oklahoma City, OK 73114
Contact: Lynda Powell
Mission Statement: Changing
lives one mom and child at
a time.

Bethel Foundation provides:

• Classes
• Conferences
• Training
• Camps

And other events that enrich the lives of single mothers and their children

Rhoda, Open the Door!
By Linda Ranson Jacobs

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Hebron Baptist Church
Founders: Denise Kitchen

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Empty Nest Party

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Ministry Team Summary

The Single Parent Family Ministry Team is designed to deal with the needs of single parents and their children. The Church has often relied on Singles Ministries to provide outreach to this rapidly growing and very needy group only to discover that this is actually a Family ministry. Our approach is kid-focused, which enables parents to fulfill their primary function in life – parenting. Often parenting under fire. Through a variety of methods such as written materials, seminars, in-house ministry setup guidance and teaching, we address the full range of single parent family ministry: dealing with the freshly wounded, ministry to kids with identifiable disorders, financial counseling, interim housing, car care ministry, pre-re-marriage preparation, healthy family structures (reaching a “new normal”), children’s healing programs and how to deal with the “Ex” in a way that removes the kids from the battlefield when the emotional bullets get “low to the ground”.

Our resources are available at, on our individual websites listed below and at the AMFM conferences. Please feel free to contact any of our members directly.

Tom and Helen Wheeler
Changing Families Ministries
PO Box 1470
Mt. Pleasant, SC 2946

Brenda Armstrong
Mercy Tree Ministry
Buford, GA

Moe and Paige Becnel
Blending A Family Ministry
Twitter - blendingafamily
Facebook - Blending a Family Ministries
Phone: 225-744-0848

Elsa Kok Colopy
Bella Vista, AR 72715

Krista Smith
Big Lake, MN

Robert & Carrie Green
FamilyLife Canada
Langley, British Columbia

Gail Cawley Showalter
SMORE for Women

Pam Kanaly
Arise Ministries
Edmond, OK 73083

Linda Ranson Jacobs
Divorce Care for Kids
Youngsville, NC 27596

Robyn Besemann
Robyn B Ministries
(541) 953-5374


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