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by Peter J. Larson Ph.D.

New from PREPARE/ENRICH! A fun, comprehensive, and entertaining group program for dating, engaged, and newlywed couples. This resource kit is comprehensive and ready to implement “out of the box” with 3 DVDs and a Leader’s Guide. It features a new online premarital inventory (Couple Checkup) for couples, and a new Group Summary Report for leaders. Couple Workbooks and Date Night CD’s promote skill-building and sharing. No certification required.

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How I Learned to Engage the Engaged in My Premarital Program
by K. Jason Krafsky

My fingers were crossed during the entire wedding ceremony.

They weren’t crossed because I was worried something would go wrong during the detailed order of service. They weren’t crossed because I was performing my first wedding.

My pointer finger and middle finger grafted together during the ceremony because my attempt to provide this couple with meaningful premarital counseling had fallen short … way, way short.

As they walked down the aisle as husband and wife, I prayed a special prayer I created that day. I affectionately call it the God-I-blew- it-with- preparing- this-couple- for-marriage- so-help-them- not-to- become-a-divorce- statistic bailout prayer.

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Ministry Team Summary

The couples that make up the Premarital Education & Ministry Team are thrilled to champion the efforts of the local church in better preparing couples for lasting, healthy, and satisfying marriages. They are committed to helping AMFM provide you with access to the best practices in marriage preparation.

The premarital stage of a relationship is a great time to impact a couple, before they become stuck in unhealthy patterns. Those who work with engaged couples understand how fun it is to work with their optimism and how challenging it is to work with their idealism. Premarital ministries have a wonderful opportunity to work proactively in the marriage movement, helping prevent broken families by equipping seriously dating and engaged couples with the knowledge and skills needed for success.

The work and ministry efforts of this ministry team are available at, on the websites listed below, and the AMFM Marriage and Family Ministries Conferences. Feel free to contact any of the members of this ministry team directly.

K. Jason and Kelli Krafsky
Turn the Tide Resource Group
Maple Valley, WA


Dave and Claudia Arp
Marriage Alive
Great Falls, VA



















K. Jason Krafsky
Turn the Tide Resource Group
Families Northwest

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