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Ministry Team Description

Fact Sheet

AMFM Ministry Teams (MT) are organized by ministry topic and made up of AMFM Members, couples and individuals called to a specific area of ministry. Each MT has a facilitator couple or individual that oversees the MT with and for AMFM.

The primary objective of an AMFM MT is to build community with AMFM members, provide support and resources, and promote members’ ministries to the broader AMFM membership and those seeking marriage and family ministry information, content and resources through

To become a MT member, you must be an AMFM Resource Member or Member (Individual or Couples). Individuals, Couples and Organizations can choose a membership option at, fill out the membership form and pay the annual membership fee. Once you have become a member you can contact any Ministry Team facilitator and request an invitation to join their MT.

Based on the size of the MT and the specific skills and resources a member has, the MT Facilitator will either accept or reject a request to join their group. This is a collaborative process between the MT Facilitator and the AMFM team. It is very unlikely that anyone would be unaccepted as a MT member, but in the case of a MT becoming too large (or some other unforeseen reason), a MT Facilitator may turn down a request to join their group.

Each MT leads AMFM in their specific area of ministry. This leadership plays an important role in keeping AMFM current and unbiased towards any specific ministry or ministry model.

* AMFM reserves the right to remove a MT Facilitator(s) or Member at anytime.