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The Marital Mystery Tour - Five Keys to UnLock Marital Mysteries
by Alan and Pauly Heller

This book gives a fresh and practical view of marriage from a biblical and practical perspective. You have inherited an estate called marriage. What will you do with it? What is the essence of it, and how will you have what it takes to thrive and not just survive and not become just another statistic. With the help of an angel, Mr. Michaels, Alan and Pauly Heller walk you through each chapter and guide you with a story of a man and a woman look at this wonderful God given relationship, from the male perspective and the female perspective. So enjoy your Marital Mystery Tour.

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Habits of Effective Communicators:
Being Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak and Slow to Become Angry
by Drs. Emily Scott-Lowe and Dennis Lowe

"Well, I cried myself to sleep again last night" Jennifer mutters to her husband as he is preparing to leave for work. "What was wrong?" asked Steve, her husband. "You know!" Jennifer replies. "No, I don't know what you're talking about," says Steve. "I can't believe it" continues Jennifer, "as always, you made fun of me in front of our friends last night and now you're acting amnesic! How many time have I told you how much that hurts me?" "Oh no" Steve retorts, "let's not go through that stupid discussion again. If you would just lighten up a bit, you wouldn't get so upset."

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Ministry Team Summary

Marriage is certainly one of the most important commitments that individuals make in their lifetimes. Healthy marriages are associated with greater physical and emotional well being. Couples who share a Christian commitment and are part of a faith community have stronger marriages.

Marriage is also the cornerstone relationship for family life. Children do better in life when their parents enjoy a good marriage, so it is important that our churches do more for marriage than host weddings. We need to discover ways to encourage and equip couples in their marriage journeys. Through this marriage enrichment ministry team we will support each other in this very significant ministry. We invite you to join us. Let us know how we can best assist you and the people that God has called you to serve.

H. Norman Wright
6812 Palm Tree Circle
Bakersfield, CA 93308


Rex and Eve Johnson
7018 El Paseo
Long Beach, CA
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Eric and Jennifer Garcia
Association of Marriage and Family Ministries
14300 N. Northsight Blvd.
Suite 230
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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