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Marriage and Caste in America
by Kay S. Hymowitz

There really are two Americas says journalist and scholar Kay Hymowitz, but they aren't the ones politicians talk about. Instead, she says the divide is between the marriage haves and the marriage have nots. This heavily researched book shows what's happening in America as two segments of the population grow further apart in terms of how they view marriage and what life experience follows as a result for them and their children.


State of our Unions 2007
by David Popenoe

What's the latest on marriage in America? Where are the trends headed in divorce, cohabitation and children out of wedlock? Find up to date stats and commentary from the National Marriage Project.

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Ministry Team Summary

The College and Young Adults Ministry Team is dedicated to encouraging and equipping university and career-age singles for the season they're in and the one to come. In a culture where healthy relationships are rare and getting married seems old fashion or too great a risk, there is hope. Healthy relationships and strong marriages are gifts from God. But they don't happen without the commitment of the individuals and their community. This Ministry Team is committed to training, encouraging and equipping churches for ministry to this generation; a generation that longs for marriage and family but often lacks the cultural supports and modeling to get there.











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