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Freeing the Oppressed: A Call to Christians Concerning Domestic Violence
By Ron Clark

When Jesus spoke at his local synagogue he boldly proclaimed that he was the one sent to free those who were oppressed. He came to provide hope, peace, and safety to those suffering in the world. When he left this earth, his followers were left with the task of continuing this ministry.


Loving Those Who Betray The Foundation of Love
by David Livingston

It has been fifteen years since I first walked into a battererís treatment group in Nashville, Tennessee. I have gone in and out of working directly with men who beat their wife, girlfriend, or child. Much of what I do now is teach and lecture about the dynamics of domestic violence and how religious people and church communities might respond to this tragedy that remains ever present in our communities.

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Ministry Team Summary

When was the last time you heard a sermon on domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, or how violence is destroying our families? Have you heard a sermon or class on the texts of terror such as the rape of Dinah (Genesis 34), the Leviteís concubine (Judges 19), a rape in Davidís house (2 Samuel 13), or the healing of an abused nation (Lamentations)?

AMFM seeks to provide clergy, ministry leaders, and counselors with the tools to protect victims of abuse, hold batterers accountable, and empower survivors to heal from their trauma. We also seek to provide resources for congregations seeking to become powerful allies in preventing abuse in their communities, neighborhoods, and cities.

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