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The Blessing Challenge

by Dr. John Trent

The Blessing Challenge is an “easy first step” to learn about The Blessing, how to give it to another person, then share your story, and live it out for years to come.

When you choose to take the challenge, we walk you through a simple six-step process that

* Teaches you about the 5 elements of the Blessing in God’s word…

* Shows you how to write out your blessing and create an experience that becomes a life-long memory for both you and the person you are blessing…

*Equips you to share The Blessing Challenge with others so that others kids don’t have to grow up without the Blessing of a loved one…

* And once you’ve learned how easy and yet powerful it is to give the Blessing to others — you will be plugged into a community of other “bright spot” Blessing Champions like yourself, who are committed to living the Blessing and changing their marriage, their friendships, their workplace, church and community!

Take this easy first step and begin the challenge today!®
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