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Before "I Do": Preparing for the Full Marriage Experience

By K. Jason Krafsky

Before I Do - Preparing for the Full Marriage Experience is an in-depth workbook that prepares couples to go the distance and experience all marriage has to offer! In a day and age where too many marriages end in divorce, Before I Do provokes personal introspection and fosters dynamic couple interaction through its short, power-packed exercises. After reading Before "I Do," couples will walk down the aisle and exchange their vows with greater confidence, broader understanding, and a deeper sense of purpose. In just eight interactive sections, couples: Build the foundation for a lasing marriage. Eliminate common relationship obstacles and barriers. Frame their relationship with God's insights found in The Message and NIV Bible. Obtain practical skills to make divorce a non-factor. Read, write, and discuss on all things marriage. Explore vital issues: money, future goals, faith, and sex. How is this book different from other pre-marital books? K. Jason Krafsky pools his experience as a pastor and knowledge as a relationship educator to create a dynamic workbook for today's engaged, pre-engaged and newlywed couples. Designed with a visually appealing layout, thought-provoking questions, and in-depth content, Before "I Do" is packed with practical insights, Scriptural principles, and must-have relationship skills. Before I Do is ideal for long-distance relationships, church-based pre-marital programs, small groups, pre-marital classes, and mentoring programs. If a couple is not connected with a church, Before "I Do" is formatted for them to go through the book on their own. Before I Do is more than just a good book. It gives couples a vision that will reduce their chances for divorce, increase their chances for a healthy, lifelong marriage, and make a difference in their marriage for years to come. They will prepare to live the Full Marriage Experience ... Before "I Do".

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