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God’s Grand Vision for the Home
By Rob Rienow

If someone were to ask you, “What is the purpose of family?” If we don’t know the purpose for which God created our family, how can we ever expect our family to be successful? This short book will speak to the hearts of parents and grandparents and give them a fresh vision for the great calling and mission that God has given them to impress the hearts of their kids with a love for God.

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Theological Foundations for Developing a Life-Changing Family Ministry
By The Family Ministry Team from AMFM

What does your church believe about families? A transformational family ministry does not start with the right programs; it starts with the right convictions. Before a church begins the journey of “Family Ministry” it is essential to establish the right theological foundations and biblical principles upon which to build.

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Ministry Team Summary

Every aspect of AMFM is dedicated to helping families become all that God wants them to be. The Family Ministry Team, in particular, is dedicated to helping leaders develop and implement models of family ministry in the local church. We respond to such questions as:

  • How can a church effectively call and equip parents to be the primary spiritual trainers of their children?
  • How can a church develop a team-based, church-wide emphasis on strengthening families rather than creating another silo called “family ministry?”
  • What does it mean to think of family ministry as a strategy for discipleship, rather than simply “helping families and marriages become healthier?”
  • How can a leadership team intentionally change the culture of their church over an extended period of time so that discipleship is happening within the family, not just the church?

Each month you will find practical tools, articles, and audio downloads on how to strengthen your family, as well as the families within your church.

Rob Rienow
Visionary Parenting
Wheaton, IL

Ben Freudenberg
Concordia University
Ann Arbor, MI

Ralph Owen
Carmel Baptist Church
Matthews, NC

Peter Rothermel
Diocese of South Carolina
Charleston, SC

Kirk Weaver
Family Time Training
Littleton, CO

Greg Braly
Pastor of Family and Children
New Hope Church
New Hope, MN

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