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Experiencing Oneness

Experiencing Oneness is an interactive study for husbands and wives to discover together how to deepen their level of intimacy. Itís more than just a book you read togetherÖitís a book you DO together. Each chapter is divided into 7 bite-sized daily studies, designed to take 15 to 30 minutes a day. Each daily segment presents a practical, Biblical and sometimes humorous approach to common issues every couple faces, with Scripture for each dayís study.

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Blissful Ignorance
by Richard and JeannaLynn May

His story…If you didnít agree with me, apparently you didnít hear me. Thatís what I thought. I knew before I ever took the Leading from Your Strengths inventory that leading people to my conclusion via verbiage was supposed to be one of my strengths. I could teach an auditorium full of people, but I couldnít convince my wife of a thing! Why couldnít I convince her that I loved her?

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Ministry Team Summary

The most fulfilling yet often overlooked leadership team can begin with you and your spouse. The focus of the “Couples In Leadership” Ministry Team is to coach clergy couples and lay leadership couples to rediscover their joint vision and reignite their passion for doing a ministry together. Our training is delivered through in-person workshops, coaching by phone, professional presentations and resources.

Clergy couples are often overwhelmed with enormity of organizational needs… or are engaged in leading ministries separately. Leading together as a couple in a ministry can rekindle a passion for ministry and bring great fulfillment and synergy to your own marriage. Furthermore, these concepts can bring strength and stability to staffing of ministries.

For lay leadership couples, we show you how to break through the blocks in starting your ministry. We train couples how to effectively team teach and to partner in your strengths. Since these skills are transferable, other couples can be attracted to your team.

Harold and Bette Gillogly
Growing Toward Oneness Marriage Ministries


Patrick and Dwaina Six
Growing Toward Oneness Marriage Ministries


Richard and JeannaLynn May
What God Has Joined


Dave and Dawn Lind
Focus on Purpose
72 Bittersweet Lane
Rutland, VT 05701

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