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Important Tools for Ministers: For over 3 decades, clergy and counselors around the world have used the PREPARE/ENRICH assessments and feedback program to understand and help couples at every stage of their relationship.

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Powerful Feedback
by Peter J. Larson, Ph.D.

Assessment in Every Day Life

Assessment in many forms can impact life and motivate behavior change:

• Has a cholesterol or blood pressure check ever led to changes in your eating habits or lifestyle?
• Have you ever stepped off the scale and made a decision to start watching what you eat?
• Did a poor grade on an exam ever motivate you to study harder?
• Have you ever glanced at the speedometer of your car quickly reached for the breaks once you realized how fast you’d been driving?

Looking at the list above, anyone can tell you that a balanced diet, good study habits, and safe driving are healthy choices to make. Unfortunately, head knowledge often doesn’t correlate with behavior. Various types of assessment personalize feedback and are often the very thing needed to increase personal awareness and motivate behavior change.

But how does this translate to my work with couples?

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Ministry Team Summary

The individuals that make up the Assessment Tools Team are thrilled to champion the efforts of the local church in better equipping couples for lasting, healthy, and satisfying marriages and families. They are committed to helping AMFM provide you with access to the best assessment tools for the couples in your community, church and ministry.

Assessment tools should be used in a variety of settings to understand and guide your ministry efforts:

  • Premarital counseling
  • Marriage education and ministry
  • Mentoring
  • Small Groups / Retreats
  • Church-wide needs assessment
  • Personality Functioning and Differences

The work and ministry efforts of this ministry team are available at, on the websites listed below, and the AMFM Marriage and Family Ministries Conferences. Feel free to contact any of the members of this ministry team directly.

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